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I wanted to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with Naomi Bjerke. We recently relocated from out of state and was matched up with Naomi as a referral from a colleague of mine. At first, I was very nervous about working with someone I didn’t know to buy our house but Naomi was fantastic from the start! My worries were alleviated within moments of meeting her. I am not an easy client to work with (Naomi can attest to this). Naomi worked with me every step of the way, was patient, was super responsive and really had only my needs in mind throughout the entire process. After spending a week or so looking at just about every house available we narrowed it down.  It was at this point Naomi really impressed me. I was able to relax knowing that Naomi was taking care of all the details on this end. In my opinion, Naomi went above and beyond anything I ever imagined a Realtor doing for me. I never doubted her or her judgment. She acted in my best interest every step of the way. In short, Naomi was amazing…and that is an understatement! We could not have done this move without her. I will 100% recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell."

Mr Kisiel - Relocation Home Buyer

"Naomi helped me in the purchase of my home. It was a little daunting at first, but I found that I was overwhelmed for no reason. Naomi was able to make every part of the entire process perfectly smooth. When I started my search I gave Naomi my interests and areas I would like to live. I was in love with the first house we looked at. I was scared to by the first one, so she lined up others for my review, but she knew what I wanted and had found it on the first try. The closing was as smooth as could be: it was completed in less than 30 minutes and without any problems. I look forward to Naomi lining up my next purchase and making it as pleasant and easy as this purchase was."

Mr Day - First Time Home Buyer